(no subject)
Characters: Chris, Gym Leader Maylene,
Open/Closed: Closed
Location: Veilstone City Gym
Time: Mid-day
Summary: Chris challenges the Veilstone Gym.
Warnings: Other than normal Pokemon violence? None I think.

Vs Maylene.Collapse )

(no subject)
Now and then... here and there.
Characters: Konata Izumi and Yui Hirasawa.
Open/Closed: Closed!
Location: Somewhere in the Underground, close to Oreburgh.
Time: Daytime!
Summary: Yui has never been to the Underground before. This is something that needs to be fixed.

You haven't truly lived until you've dug into the bowels of the earth!!Collapse )

(no subject)
vatonage!, looping, pretty blue light
Characters: Kellyn and Ash
Open/Closed: Closed
Location: Inside the Hearthome Executive Apartments in Hearthome City.
Time: Some time after Ash's arrival to Hearthome.
Summary: Kellyn, being the kind hearted person he is, invites Ash to his apartment.
Warnings: None.

I'd make a joke about this, but...Collapse )

[closed] starting out on a journey
wishing we could be this way
Characters: Sakura and Fay.
Open/Closed: Closed
Location: Outside Eterna's pokémon center, but they'll be making their way to Hearthome throughout.
Time: Just before sunset.
Summary: Fai wanted company whilst travelling to Hearthome for the ball; Sakura wanted to go to the ball as well, so they decided to go together.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

We're off to Hearthome City!Collapse )

A Trial
Characters: Chris and anyone within the area.
Open/Closed: Open, very open.
Location: Route 214, outside the entrance to Veilstone City
Time: Noon
Summary: Chris wants to curb Cassie's aggressiveness so he tries to find a trainer to battle.
Warnings: Other than Cassie picking fights? None, I think.

Sometimes, Chris wondered why he even bothered.Collapse )

Team SOS shenanigans
... You can't be serious
Characters: Team SOS (Kyon, Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki Nagato)
Open/Closed: Closed. D:
Location: Route 206, at the end of the Cycling Road
Time: Day
Summary: Team SOS meets a wild Tropius. Haruhi yells at Kyon until he tries to catch it.
Warnings: BANANAS!!

(OOC: At the time this was first written, the Tropius request had not yet been approved, so we wrote two endings, a "Good End" where Tropius is caught and a "Bad End" where Tropius escaped. Only the "Good End" is canon.)

Wild TROPIUS appeared!Collapse )

(no subject)
prepare for trouble
Characters: Patrick Colasour, Albel Nox
Open/Closed: Closed
Location: Sunyshore City
Time: Morning
Summary: The Ace of Mossdeep City crushes yet another opponent! ...or not.
Warnings: Severe Magikarp abuse. Oh, the humanity.

Patrick had almost overslept.Collapse )

Welcome to Fight Club.
Ready for Battle, Bring it on!
Characters: Ash, Gym Leader Maylene
Open/Closed: Closed
Location: Veilstone City Gym
Time: Day
Summary: Ash challenges Veilstone Gym
Warnings: Uh, violence between small animals?

VS. MayleneCollapse )

log 01
Kakashi - Waiting//Watching
Characters: Kakashi Hatake and anyone within the vicinity.
Open/Closed: Open. Very open (:D).
Location: Somewhere within Eterna Forest.
Time: High noon.
Summary: Training time! After wasting enough time lounging around Eterna City waiting for the Gym Leader to show herself, he decided to wander around the forest and train his Mr. Mime and Glameow simultaneously.
Warnings: None. Just his snark, I suppose.

Are those...floating rocks you see?Collapse )

(no subject)
Characters: Jaime Reyes, Albel Nox
Open/Closed: Closed
Location: Sunyshore Beach
Time: Morning
Summary: Pokemon Battle
Warnings: None probably

Read more...Collapse )


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